Leslie Absher, Academic Coach


Dylan Speaks:Dylan
“Leslie helped me get through high school. Without her support, I would have done rather poorly in English. Once I started working with her, my grades rose dramatically. I used to avoid writing. Now I can sit down and write something, instead of staring at the page for 20 minutes.”

Dylan’s Mom Speaks:
“My son, Dylan, has a Nonverbal Learning Disorder. He literally could not get a word onto paper without enormous interventions. After two years of working with Leslie he has written an essay which has gotten him into all of the colleges he applied to. Leslie is an incredibly talented and invaluable academic coach!”

Emily Speaks:Emily
“Leslie helps me stay on track. Sometimes being a teenager, there are things that happen outside of school, like with friends, that can really effect my grades. Leslie helps me get things done even when I have a lot on my mind. She pushes me, in a good way, to work harder.”

Emily’s Mom Speaks:
“Leslie has a good sense of humor and likes dogs, which is important in our house! Seriously, Leslie has been an invaluable support in our daughter’s academic and personal growth. Her knowledge, attention to detail, positive attitude, and wonderful rapport with teenagers make her very successful.”

Devon Speaks:Devon
“Leslie helps me get through my writing troubles, especially big projects. Without her help, I’d still be a small inch worm when it comes to writing.”

Devon’s Mom Speaks:
“Devon feels better about writing now. He no longer says he hates it and that’s a huge step!”

Shirneta Speaks:Shimeta
“Leslie is a patient person. Without her help, I wouldn’t have made it through high school. Now that I’m in college, I see how much the studying techniques she taught have helped me in the long run. Working with her is the best opportunity any student could have.”